Basic Seo Tips For Beginners

Search engine optimization is the most effective thing to increase any website’s ranking SEO search engine optimization is a great skill to improve any website’s ranking in search engines (Google , yahoo , Bing) etc .It is an art .If you have a heavy I mean full of contents website you must do proper seo to increase your position in search engines . The result will be fine beyond your imagine .People think that seo is limited in some steps .

But I think it is wrong . I think a website’s SEO should develop by site owner’s personal strategy . In my regard the main and most important thing for starting SEO is proper keyword selection . You should be careful while selecting keywords , titles and contents . There is a lot of software are available for keyword selection . Market samurai , keyword elite etc are very common software and very effective .

But you should not avoid free tools while doing keyword research . Google keyword tool is a free site powered by google adwords . Here you can see competition , global monthly search , local monthly search of your desired keyword . Here you will also see desired CPC of your Google ad sense ads . Very very effective for begineers as well as professionals . If you do keyword analysis exactly you can sure about that your main task is finished successfully .

Then you should develop you strategy . Find same websites against your keywords . See their back links . Analysis them . There are mainly two types of back links . One is internal and other is external . Submit your articles in social bookmarking sites (digg , stumble upon etc) . Find directories similar to your website .Submit your site there . Forum posting is also a great job for developing your site’s reputation in online . In every forum many people are attending , discussing their problems , and solving them by group conversation .

If your site is full of information be sure about that your site will get huge traffic from forum . Then you must look forward to link building . Links are the heart of internet .Then we should jump to do follow sites .This sites are very effective in case of getting traffic . Example-squidoo,hubpages,bukisa,infobarrel etc.So why waiting ?? do proper SEO . Get traffic from today.

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