Top 10 SEO Strategy Tips

1. Site Review & Audit :
First, we start from checking the basic structure of the website, design, coding standard , basic meta data, page speed, etc. This way, we know what needs to be improved or worked on.

2. Keywords from the Client :
We make sure, we have handful of keywords from the client, before we start doing research on its competition.

3. Keyword Research :
After getting the keywords, we start our research and we use tools like Adwords Keyword Tool, SEO Quake Firefox Toolbar, and Semrush Keyword Manager. We mostly look for high search volume and low competition terms only.

4. Competition Analysis :
Everytime we get a SEO project, we look for our client’s competitors. We check their trends, like how they have optimized it, from where they have got the backlinks, how they are promoting, etc. This helps us in planning for our client’s website.

5. Link Structure : We check the current link structure of the website first and how far it can impact the search engines when with keywords.

6. Index Importance : The first campaign is always done for the homepage, so we make sure, we are doing it the right way, with the keyword rich h1 tag, proper meta tags and meta description.

7. Page Optimization :
Once we have finalized the keywords, we make individual pages for those keywords and do the campaign for it. A dedicated keyword page is must in the website, if you are targeting that way.

8. Initial Ranking Report :
Before, we start working on the campaigns, we prepare a initial ranking report for the customer. That way, the customer can track how much efforts we are putting in for his website and his ranking status.

9. Detailed Planning :
According to the budget, we prepare a onSite , onPage and offPage Optimization proposals for our customers. So, they know, what we are going to do with their website in the coming months.

10. Monthly Maintenance :
No website can rank #1 forever, until and unless, the online marketing campaigns are done in regular basis. So, you need a professional company doing your SEO over the time, without a stop, and make sure, you are never low in the ranking. Thanks for reading: Top 10 SEO Strategy Tips

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