Top 5 Tips For Improving SEO With Pinterest

Use smart keywords – use accurate descriptions of your Pins which also include keywords relevant to your brand, and you know are successful at driving traffic to you elsewhere (e.g. check your analytics)

Make it easy to share – Make sure you have a ’Pin it’ button to your website and consider embedding the images from your Pinterest account directly into your site – to make it as easy as possible to share

Repin and promote others – Pinterest states in its guidelines that self-promotion is a no-no.  So make sure you are actively promoting others, and consider ways to create campaigns that get audiences to add Pins relevant to your brand – instead of doing it all yourself

Get Connected – make sure you select the settings options to connect your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts I.e. Facebook and Twitter  - this will help make it seamless for users and for you

Create great visual content – make sure your visual content is memorable, instead of bland product pack shots think about how you can dress the scene to be bolder, more creative.  Infographics have finally found a natural home on Pinterest too – so look at how you can make the most out of your data and insights visually
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