Why Social Media is Good for Customer Service? Top Reasons

Social media and gadgets are the greatest obsession for the current day world. This is clearly indicating the value and importance of the social media for every business. According to Gartner, refused or failed communication via social media for a business is almost hazardous or harmful for companies. It is almost like ignoring or refusing to answer a phone or mail. Already many companies and businesses are offering customer services via social media networks successfully. There is a scope for 85% of current companies to initiate these services by this year end. Also, it is a significant figure to identify that 63% of the present customer base is into social networking sites. Here, offering customer services via social media platform is definitely not an easiest task to accomplish and it requires predefined organizational structure for every company.

Many companies are taking a back step to offer customer services through this platform keeping in mind the abusive and straight forward customers. This is definitely not a tough task to handle. Identify the real value and importance of this platform for your customer services and make good use of it through following some of the proven valuable tips as below. This approach is to keep abreast with the market trends and to offer utmost value to the customer base interests. People are no longer into time taking phone support or email support. People are more into instant support and answers. Ensure the same for your present and prospective customer base through keeping your presence at all popular social networking sites.
Let us see some of the tips that are capable enough to turn your customer services more effective and beneficial via social media:

1- Open Separate Account for Customer Service

It is always good to create separate account for customer service besides having one for the official account that is open for public. Use this official public account for promotional needs and secondary account for customer services. If a customer posts a complaint from main account, then inform the awareness of problem from the customer service account. Start communicating regarding the customer issue through following his/her account. This kind of practice can keep the issue and resolution away from the public account and it will engage the customer within his or her account until resolved. This is a better solution to create effective platform for customer needs and it will not affect the public profile of the company too.

2- Respond Quickly to Customer Service Complaints

It is always essential and imperative to address a query or complaint or comment from the customer service account within 5 minutes. This kind of faster approach can create peaceful environment between the customer and company for resolving the issues with reduced abusive comments.

3- Create User-Friendly and Serene Environment

Social networking sites are nowadays resulting into more virtual. Your customer service should create serene atmosphere for this purpose through creating humanized experience. Respond with each query or complaint or comment along with name. This kind of representation can develop reasonable trust with the customer for the customer service. Answering mysteriously or anonymous can turn the situation more into troublesome.

4- Avoid Mysterious/Aggressive Tone

Representation from the customer services via this platform should sound more concerned and helpful. Being dismissive or aggressive is definitely a greatest disadvantageous for this service. Always remember that you’re on the public platform and being manipulative or tricky can be identified quite easily by one or other quite easily. It is always imperative that information provided through this service should be clear and serene. Customer can collect back your past answers and this would result into further more complications.
There should be a clear monitoring system for these services. This system should check constantly for the resolved and unresolved issues. Also, team performance should be evaluated on regular basis to avoid unnecessary complications down the line. All the above mentioned tips can turn your customer service more effective and according to the latest trends via social media.
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