SEO Writing Tips - 5 Techniques to Write Compelling Search Engine-Friendly Articles

SEO writing is one of the most important components of internet marketing. Right now, it's considered the most effective tool in getting the attention of online users who are using the internet for their research. Aside from good content, using keyword and optimizing your articles and web content is also equally important. The goal in making your content search engine-friendly is to ensure that your target audience will not have a hard time finding you in the online arena.

Here are the 5 compelling SEO writing tips to keep in mind to get amazing results:

1) Try your hardest to create attention-grabbing, keyword-rich titles:
Keep in mind that the first thing that your target audience will see is your title. This could be your first and only chance to capture their attention. So, ensure that your titles are extremely catchy. It will help to insert the keywords that you're targeting. If possible, make them the first word of your titles. Studies show that articles are more likely to show up prominently on relevant listings if you follow this technique.

2) Choose your topics:
Think of your readers when deciding on the topics that you're going to discuss. It's very important to make sure that you'll be able to interest them otherwise, they will not pay attention to your copies. Write about their problems or offer them with tips and techniques on how they can reach their goals or how to do things by themselves. These are the types of topics that can easily grab online users by the throat.

3) Identify and list down the keywords to use:
Before you start writing your articles, it will help if you list down the popular keywords that are related to your chosen topics. Don't forget to look for their synonyms or terms that carry the same meaning. You'll find these useful in making sure that your articles will not sound redundant. As much as possible, target those long-tail keywords or those that are composed of 3 or more words. These will help you in securing better ranking for your articles.

4) Do your best to give your readers nice, informative content:
Don't put the search engines on top of your priority list when putting your content together. Focus first on giving your readers high quality articles so you can impress them. Offer as much information as possible in a very easy to understand manner. Keep your articles short and to the point. Make them entertaining by inserting stories and by using conversational tone.

5) Use keywords:
Don't just sprinkle your keywords but place them on strategic locations where search spiders can easily see them. The best places are your titles, the first and last sentence of your article, and on each of your paragraphs. It will help if you make these keywords at least 50-100 words apart. Also, don't use too many keywords as the acceptable keyword density is just 1-2% of your word count. Thanks for reading: SEO Writing Tips - 5 Techniques to Write Compelling Search Engine-Friendly Articles

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