Blogger SEO: Internal Link Building in Blog Post

Welcome to another tutorial of Blogger SEO. Our previous post was about Image alt tag. Today we are going to know about importance of Internal Link Building. Not only for blogger seo also for all tyep of blog or website Internal Link Building is important.
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Internal link building means linking inside your web or blog. It sometimes looks like related post. In this post you have seen above that some of our texts are linked with other category or post (Blogger SEO, Image alt tag). These are called internal link building.

It helps your website to get visitors. It minimizes your bounce rate. When a visitor will come to your site he will click related topic's link if he find. Thus bounce rate can't increase.

For Example:
Suppose, you have come to my blog to know about Blogger SEO. Somehow you have found this post. After reading this post hope you will want to see other of our posts about Blogger SEO. So, you will click on my given internal link above. Thus, my bounce rate will minimize.

After this post I have menually given related posts link. It is also a trick of Internal Link Building.

Also it makes you visitors your site friendly. Easy access to other post visitors will easily find and must like your blog. It will give you some permanent visitors. Thay will return to your site for next post or update.

So, You think about importance of this. Hope you will like this and apply.

Our next post will be published soon. Till then bye...

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