3 Tips For Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success

So today, I’ll discuss 3 tips for Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success:

1) Link Building:

The most important part of Off Page Optimization is Link Building. You should try to get as many backlinks as possible from other websites. The number and quality of backlinks is crucial for your PageRank to increase and ultimately to rank higher in search results. PageRank is directly proportional to the no. of unique pages that are linking to your site. If you have high no. of backlinks from the websites with good PageRank, you will have a high PageRank. So, spend some time in getting those backlinks.

Here are some tips to get backlinks:

- Guest Blogging on sites related to your blog niche.
- Press Releases
- Forum Posting related to your blog niche.
- Article Submission to sites like Ezine, Hubpages, etc.
- Blog Commenting on ‘DoFollow’ Sites
- Image Sharing on sites like photobucket, flickr, etc.
- Video Sharing on sites likes YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
- RSS Feed Creation & Submission
- Directory Submission such as Dmoz.org, Technorati.com, etc.
- Use of Social Media: Share and promote your content on all the major social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr, Google Plus and Pinterest. All these sites can bring a huge amount of traffic to your site and also helps in link building.

2) Anchor Text:

 Now another important factor in Off Page Optimization is Anchor Text. Anchor Text is the text to form a Hyperlink. If you are not choosing the right anchor text, then all of your efforts of getting backlinks will not be much useful.
For example, If I want to link to this page – http://www.youngblah.com/what-is-page-rank/ and the main keyword is Pagerank.
I can use “Click Here(Anchor Text) to know more about PageRank.
But ‘Click Here’ doesn’t tell Google Bots what the link is pointing to. So, use the link on the keyword.
Right Method(Example), “Click here to know more about PageRank(Anchor Text)”.
So, you should try to get backlinks from other websites using the right Anchor Text to make your site more relevant in Google search results.

3) Best Practices:

- Quality and Natural Links matters.
- Avoid Paid Backlinks.
- Avoid Link Exchange.
- Try to get Backlinks from High Authority Sites or from sites with at least PR 1 or above.
- Try to get Backlinks from sites that are relevant to your content.
- A link in the footer of a website is weighted less by Google than the link appearing on the top or in the main content of the page.
Thanks for reading: 3 Tips For Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success

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