Top 10 Directories to List on for SEO

Online directories are online guides that organize websites by subjects. Submitting your website on these online directories can influence your SEO results. The following takes a look at the top 10 directories to be listed on for SEO purposes

What is a Directory?

Online directories systematize websites into subject-based categories and list them in an alphabetical manner in order for easy viewing. Editors evaluate the content of websites and organize them into sub-categories that will then be placed within the directory. The editors that categorize the websites look at various factors before placing them within the directories. Online directories take into consideration the commercial versus non-commercial and geographical components of a selected website. In short, a directory is a database that contains information that has been optimized for reading. These directories also contain search portals for traffic to browse and search for keyword look-ups.

SEO and Directories

The process of SEO involves the evaluation of your existing website. Tweaking of content and text within web pages is carried out in order to make your website more visible on search engines. SEO optimizes your site by using high-quality keywords in your web articles. By doing this, search engines can recognize and trust your website enough to place it in a higher page ranking. By getting your website listed on high ranking directories, your site has a better chance of obtaining high-quality traffic, ultimately leading to more purchases and an increase in your return on investment (ROI). Some directories require payment to list your site.

1. Librarians’ Internet Index (PR9)- A very high-quality free link, but very difficult to get. Websites must go through a thorough review and must contain alot of informative content.

2.DMOZ (PR8)- The Open Directory Project is a great authority link and its free. Unfortunately it can take up to a year to be indexed depending on the editor for the category you are submitting to. Don’t keep resubmitting your site, it only puts you at the end of the line.

3. Yahoo Directory(PR8)- Another great authority link if your site is not commercial inclusion is free but can be slow. Commercial listings are $299 a year.

4. (PR7)- Great link for business sites submission cost $299 a year make sure to get the standard listing not the PPC which is a redirected link.

5.Best of the Web (PR7)- Free link for non-commercial sites. Otherwise its $69.95 a year or $199.95 for a permanent link. Many of BOTW’s category pages have high Google Page Rank without that many outgoing links making this a solid backlink.

6. (PR6)- $39.99 one-time fee, free for editors guaranteed review within two business days.

7. The Hot VS. Not Directory(PR6)- High Page rank directory $60 for a year $200 for a permanent link.

8. Directory World(PR5)- Professional web directory for 24.95 annually.

9. GoGuides (PR5)- Websites are instantly included $69.95 per site.

10. Rubber Stamped(PR4)- Solid link from an up and coming directory $29.95 one time review fee.

Web Directory Facts
  • Web directories existed before search engines came into being.
  • Online directories contain mass amounts of links to sites, these are arranged alphabetically.
  • The directories are edited by humans; therefore URL's are not gathered or spidered. Rather they are submitted by site owners.
  • The advantage of the directories being edited manually is that you do not have to worry about being classified under the wrong categories.
  • The only disadvantage of directories is that the information available for traffic to browse may be outdated.
  • The directories do not have spiders so you will need to submit your URL to a search directory.
  • By your site being listed on a directory, you will have backlinks and your site will be visible for spiders to index.
  • Dmoz is a very popular directory as it accepts links of all types of sites. It is however extremely difficult to list your website on Dmoz and can take a very long time. Dmoz also only lists sites with noteworthy content.
Online directories help in optimizing your site for visibility within search engines. They also give your site a good starting point in terms of exposure and provide the needed information for traffic to get hold of your business and possibly make purchases of your product or service.
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