How To Create The Perfect SEO Press Release

Making the perfect SEO press release that is highly modified for search engine optimization and Internet Marketing sometimes is a tough job to get by. If you are mulling over how to maximize the impact of your online press release, consult an SEO professional before following through.
The tips below serve as a model structure for the perfect SEO press release.
  1. Create an attention-getting headline or title with targeted keywords. This effectively targets your intended niches and immediately increases the chances that bloggers and media channels will write about or mention the announcement.
  2. Pick and invest on a premium online press release distribution service such as, which offers PRNewswire distribution, social sharing features and personalizes many of the tips found within this article. Try to keep away from pro bono or low-tier paid press release networks. Most, if not some, online search companies have updated their search engine algorithms to bypass low quality press release networks and render them useless. Low quality content harms SEO ranking.
  3. Online press release distribution services have limited number of words for each announcement. For example, offers up to 600 words so it’s best to use every word allowed to maximize the amount of relevant text content.
  4. A press release should contain anchor text links to your targeted sites. While a raw link is effective, anchor text link like social media improves search engine optimization. As a rule, place a website link for every 100 words of text, but try to combine raw links with keyword links and generic links such as “click here.” Try to add one or two links to an inner page of your website.
  5. While links to your targeted sites when applicable is good, links to authority sites with high quality and relevant content adds value to the press release. For example, we use an anchor text to include a Wikipedia link for the definition of press release in “What is a press release?”
  6. The source page of an effective press release incorporates an image with an embedded HTML ‘alt tag’. Search engines will see the relevance of the embedded image to the text content.
  7. The perfect SEO press release comes with a quote from a company executive. For example,
“We offer a wide range of services to market your product or service that are measurable and clearly show your return on investment. We develop and implement a customised online marketing plan which significantly increases your bottom line,” says Aaron Elliott, an SEO expert and the founder of Social Barrel. “Maximising your online presence is not just about a pretty website; moreover, a complete and functional marketing campaign that allows you to promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”
  1. Adding links to files, such as PDF and docs, in an online press release promotes SEO value.
  2. Customize the meta tags. The page title and HTML meta description must be consistent with the text content of the announcement.
  3. The perfect SEO press release has a keyword-rich URL at the source page such that search engines will find targeted keywords on the website link.
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